New Aryan code

One must have a proper understanding of the sexes to effectively assert yourself.

The West’s Darkest Hour

Yesterday at Counter Currents a Jarl commented in an article about miscegenation, a practice that incidentally I call the sin against the Holy Ghost:

My wife’s sister is married to a Ugandan and they have two children. She met him doing overseas charity work as a graduate nurse. She’s from a fairly conservative Christian family and no one had a problem with it, not even the grandparents who were born circa 1930. The eldest child of the marriage is going on three and speaking with his father’s accent. Needless to add, he looks more negro than white.

My wife knows my racial convictions and the result is profound cognitive dissonance that sometimes spills over into painful conflict between us. Obviously, the proper way to deal with a situation like this is to lie to some extent. Adopt a relatively respectable paleo-con type position a la John Derbyshire and say “I…

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3 thoughts on “New Aryan code

      • Well said. Women infantilize everything. Some months ago my sister was dismayed to learn about the Islamization of Europe. But a couple of weeks ago she endorsed Angela (“mother Teresa”) Merkel’s open gates for the invading Muslims. She does not seem to see the incredible doublethink of both stances—her mind consists of pure emotions about the present!

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