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Cop spends two years and thousands of man hours to catch someone who scrawled graffiti

Bleeding the beast with a sharpie.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Stevens is charged with felony criminal mischief, accused of using permanent marker to write hate messages on the home of the Ngendahayos and those of three other African refugee families. The arrest came after an exhaustive two-year investigation in which Det. Wade Brown examined the handwriting on thousands of police files to find a distinctive “b” that looked like the number 6.

I wonder if Detective Brown will win the ADL Torch of Freedom award or the SPLC Civil Rights award for this.

Two years of analyzing THOUSANDS of man hours of government documents! For graffiti!

They have a totally circumstantial case. Tattoo man probably knows the 5 words and will make the prosecution prove it’s case before a jury of his peers, some of whom may also not be happy about New Hampshire getting refugees.

Blacks KILL whites. No big deal. Whites write graffiti and Sherlock Holmes spends two…

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