Apocalypse No

The end was yesterday, welcome to the beginning.

Hipster Racist

Why I’m not a doomer:

The narcissism of youth means you can’t see (as I couldn’t) that the “coming apocalypse” is you getting old in a stumbling, messy world where the greedy win – which appears to be unstable, but, however, is far more stable than you, you yourself and your tiny, evaporating bag-of-water body.

The real coming apocalypse is you getting, irrelevant, and unwanted.

Nothing else ever changes.


Another version of the same principle: the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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5 thoughts on “Apocalypse No

  1. I don’t believe in the collapse. Survivalists have been saying the same crap for 30 years. The reasons haven’t changed. The USG will do whatever it takes to keep things running. Usually it involves screwing the poor and middle classes.

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