50 Pounds of Heidi

Shebrew Pr0n


[ed note: It is with great joy I present Hipster Racist, a fellow who’s far more handsome than I, a better dresser and almost as funny. If you don’t get him, well – you’re just a goddamned idiotard. In every presentation of humor there is a vast portion of Truth – and a kick in the head with a steel-toed boot…]

“That asshole Morris never knocks,” Heidi thought, as she locked the office door. She went back to her desk, sat down, grabbed the computer’s mouse, and clicked “Next.”

Dear Heidi,

Thanks for all you do fighting racism and oppression. As a strong Black woman, I can’t believe that here it is in 2013 and we still have ignorant hateful racists. Just last month while driving south to Florida I stopped at an All American Convenience Store on I-95, and was reminded yet again of how far we…

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