Untintentionally Honest Abe

Awakening stories are all the rage in the alt-sphere. What pierced your veil of darkness? Can we liberate others in such a manner? Show us that you’re a real human being and not a robotic voice on a podcast from some dude’s basement. Why did you choose White Nationalism over neo-reaction, a market-based ideology, theocracy, or even paleoconservatism?

Well, it all started with A Life My Struggleno, not like that. Twas’ a cold December afternoon when my (almost) teenaged self picked up the 20th century Deutsche Necronomicon. Stark and efficient font cautioned potential readers lest they inadvertently summon some cosmic tentacled monstrosity. Biblical language was poured on rather thick for this lukewarm liberal Protestant youth. “Dark vision” and “infernal plan” were bandied about frequently. This Abe Foxman character must have been a prophet of reason defending civilization I surely thought. He certainly didn’t hesitate in calling his cause divine.

Impressive stuff. The dark arts of Zee Germans were about to be revealed…and they were boring as hell. Page after page after page outlining what a model state was to be. A long-winded autobiography interwoven with obscure historical references. This was evil? This was darkness? Most of the policies were so outrageously sensical that I assumed the United States was currently implementing them. Lame. No lightning bolts from blue skies for little old me. In fact, I never even attempted to finish that tome. Zee Uber Deutsche Schwarz Bibel sat on my bookshelf and accumulated dust for years.

Many moons later some online research (on a high school computer no less) yielded interesting trivia about Ol’ Honest Abe. He didn’t care about statecraft, or ideology, or whether conservatives or liberals were in power. Loyalty to his tribe was the only measure of morality. Blood was all that mattered to him. Blood was all that mattered to me.

2 thoughts on “Untintentionally Honest Abe

  1. Hey you wrote something! LOL. So you read Mein Kampf. I’ve never looked at it myself. It’s so long I could read 5 or 6 normal sized books.

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