Tom Metzger’s Rules For Radicals

A few gems include:

26. Do not waste your time on pie-in-the-sky projects to convert the rich. The rich will support any struggle when they face the loss of their wealth and are forced to choose. In the mean time, be my guest in liberating them of their money and toys.

29. No matter how much you hate your enemy, keep a smile on your face. Racism can be fun, and a smile drives them crazy.



My mantra.

Below is a mantra I first composed at a kosher gun website. Feel free to copy and edit to your heart’s desire.


Those Pennsylvania “bitter clingers” with their guns and bibles weren’t just holding on to the aformentioned objects. Instead they clung to the last vestiges of their heritage. Seems like “postracial America” really translates into wealth redistribution and a desire to phase out firearms.
Our taxes subsidize the dregs of society and the System doesn’t want us capable of autonomy and self-defense. We don’t fit into the totalitarian humanist narrative of history. We, the White gentile working class, are the new Ukrainians. We are the new Kulaks. Our Holodomor is on the horizon.
Act accordingly.