You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll

Trollin’, Trollin’, Trollin’ on the river…

A substantial portion of my generation has been immunized. We’ve been raised on mainstream sociology, pop-Freudianism, pseudo-proletarian ramblings, and of course duh revruhnd hisself. Yet reality stands in the way. We once were blind but now can see. So when an aging manchild of the New Left minces into town…

Mindweaponized Youth vs. Mommy Professor

…we ate him alive, shat out the bones, and heard the mewling of the manboobs. He’s a sociology professor. An old disigenuous relic from the era of free love. So what happened? Is Snake all talk? If we wanted a White Nationalist pep-rally we could just read some Pierce or Covington. Wrong. Here goes…

Twas a bleak afternoon in the borderline ghetto. Salt streaked the cracked pavement as light frosty flakes descended upon the twilight of the sociologist. My favorite tactic when dealing with faux-intellectuals is to stroke their fragile egos whilst slipping in backhanded compliments.

Class opened with a brief discussion of North Korean brainwashing techniques (sweet gods the irony!) and a rustling of desks. Nobody, nobody is on time for sociology. Homosexuality is a running theme in class which I’ve used to great trolling effect. You see, our resident (student) homo was clearly born this way which grampy professor cannot accept. Like a secular televangelist he asserts that it’s all a result of socialization. I naturally asked “could we brainwash someone over several years using DPRK methods to make them straight?” Sociology-fag (SF) replied in the affirmative. Shit juss got reahl. There’s something marvellous about watching the role reversal; gay HBDer versus liberal tabula raza-ist.

Next came biological sex differences. “Men and women are created equal” goes the establishment mantra. So once again I asked “Where do different sex roles originate from?” to which he retorted “sexual dimorphism” and hurriedly changed the subject. So I pressed again and asked how succesful sex changes were. SF answered with the usual claptrap about “gender roles” and “human bodies are surprisingly malleable.” SF is very, very deceptive (like you needed a reminder) and lies via omission. Smelling blood my critical response was “how do you fit a man with a uterus?” Snickers seeped out of listless peers, soon replaced by laughter. Laughter become a roar of disinterested chatter.

“I’d appreciate if you all shut the hell up.” SF murmured in a demure tone. Class ended early today. As per custom the White Men exchanged laughs about the poor old fool’s academic dishonesty after the session.  Although not fully racially aware, the current crop of professional White Men aren’t all fools. With a nudge they’ll go feral. I did.

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