“Vanguardists versus Mainstreamers” or what is online psychosis?

Watering down our message to appeal to republicans (they don’t deserve capitalization) or weak Whites will garner us zero respect, attaching our little logo to black crime reports is futile. Harping on certain protocols and entertaining illusions of power are pure masturbation. What is to be done?


We calmly, forcefully communicate our message in language that our target audience can understand. We project strength and discipline. No rage quitting, pouting in forums, attempts to resuscitate dead regimes, or general lunacy. Read at least one book a month and learn to argue at a collegiate level. Yes, this means impressing dolts with multisyllabic vocabulary. Yes, this means critically reading our own pro-White literature to find weaknesses. 

Get on Twitter. Talking back to Fox News deceivers or Tm Wse feels great. White Nationalists are out there. Our strength grows daily as conservatards flounder in Amerikwa. Let them hear our righteous call for White unity. It’s time to stop raging against the machine and start being the calm little center.

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