Christianity and the Beast

A common assertion made by the American dissident milieu is that the System is anti-Christian. But I must ask, which Christians does the Beast wage war upon?

Does it attack black churches?
Does it raze asian churches?
Does it vilify mestizo churches?
Does it lambast jews for Jesus?

Wait, it only persecutes the White churches you say? Why on Earth would it do that? You mean to tell me that the System is anti-White?

“Vanguardists versus Mainstreamers” or what is online psychosis?

Watering down our message to appeal to republicans (they don’t deserve capitalization) or weak Whites will garner us zero respect, attaching our little logo to black crime reports is futile. Harping on certain protocols and entertaining illusions of power are pure masturbation. What is to be done?


We calmly, forcefully communicate our message in language that our target audience can understand. We project strength and discipline. No rage quitting, pouting in forums, attempts to resuscitate dead regimes, or general lunacy. Read at least one book a month and learn to argue at a collegiate level. Yes, this means impressing dolts with multisyllabic vocabulary. Yes, this means critically reading our own pro-White literature to find weaknesses. 

Get on Twitter. Talking back to Fox News deceivers or Tm Wse feels great. White Nationalists are out there. Our strength grows daily as conservatards flounder in Amerikwa. Let them hear our righteous call for White unity. It’s time to stop raging against the machine and start being the calm little center.

Amazing piece by Chechar.

The West’s Darkest Hour

H and N

Note of January 2017: I have removed this text because a slightly revised version of it is now available in print within my book Day of Wrath. However, this specific article can also be read as a PDF for free. If you want to print it at home for a more comfortable reading with Letter-size or A4 sheets of paper in your printer, remember that in the PDF it is sized as a Pocketbook (4.25 x 6.88 in):

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The West’s Darkest Hour


“No Jews, no Arabs, no communists
have done so much damage
to the White gene pool
as Whites themselves”

The above is a quotation from Tom Sunic’s 2010 essay, “Race and Religion: Awkward Friends of the White Man” published in three parts at The Occidental Observer (here, here and here) where he also analyzes the Jewish Question from a viewpoint so alien for TOO readers that zero comments appeared in those three instalments (perhaps the admins closed the comments to prevent flaming discussions).

Below I reproduce the whole article in a single entry because it throws some light on an ongoing discussion at Counter-Currents with me about whether or not common sense dictates that the Jews “are our deadliest single enemy.”

There is a widespread idea among White nationalists worldwide that Whites need to resurrect their Christian heritage in order to be better able to…

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