Are White Americans A Distinct Ethnic Group Yet?

Between Tom Sunic’s latest podcast and Andrew Fraser’s WASP series at TOO I must ask a question. Are we merely a biological group? Is it possible or practical to reclaim the “American” title? Can we effectively separate an American folkish identity from the Constitution Cult? If so, what symbols are to be used?


Mitt Romney

I had a nightmare about Mittens.

This portentous vision truly horrified me. He caught a flesh-mutating virus. Mitt “Amorphous Roiling Mutant” Romney went on a rampage. Tears streaked down his face as he couldn’t control the destruction. Chitinous columns erupted from his orifices as he crab-walked down Main Street absorbing, impaling, and killing innocent White people. The disease spread to his rival candidate, Balder, whom I worked for. He could harness the viral power. We fought. He beat me within an inch of my life. I pulled a Beretta. Balder tackled me and together we met death flying out the window.