A Warning To The Philo-Semites

(Note to the reader: I posted this as Frosty_The_White_Man on Amren in a more concise form. The last paragraph trailed into rant territory due to Amren’s reputation for loving teh Chinee.)

A Warning to the Philo-Semites (unabridged),

Jews in America will most likely lobby for more non-White immigration until Whites* reach about 25 to 30 percent of the population. At which point their collective psyche will ease up a bit on fears of being sent back to ghettos. Hell, a few Jews might even start little lame “it’s okay to be White clubs” to channel resistance. Did I mention how they’ll call themselves White? Most of the Philo- Semites just want a pat on the head for being good little goyim anyway and will play along. After about 100 years America will be the new Brazil. Once Whites are closer to extinction Jews will feel comfortable with the “people of color” / Middle Eastern label to dodge an upswing in anti-White hate. Did you really think the “minorities” would be content with us riding into the sunset? Hell no bruffa! Dem honkeys gotta pay for the Confederacy, da Souf in general, the British Empire, any European colony, the Third Reich, Rome, Tours, Algeria, Vienna, the Reconquista, and all slavery (including the Arab variety which is conveniently forgotten). Will your precious “Chosen People” come to your aid?

Our demise won’t be televised. One block, one murder, and one rape at a time will do it. A slow motion potion brewed by the sick fucks our traitors and colored cousins voted in. Old Goldblatt will generously contribute to both campaigns.
By the way, this isn’t a conspiracy. Jews aren’t plotting in basements unless a ponzi scheme, swingers club,  or 5k for Tel Aviv is being planned. This is pure and simple rational self-interest and any other tribe in their position would do the same.

As a rhetorical point a few backhanded  philo-Semitic jibes might work here and there. Telling your friends how great Israel is for kicking out the Africans is certainly more effective than Sieg Heiling until your arm falls off. Human Bio-Diversity research is a means and not an end. Using “The Bell Curve” to justify your yellow fever is unacceptable.  If  our race has a future scum like that will face justice.

*”White” is shorthand for “person of whole or 95% unmixed Indo-European stock who speaks an Indo-European Language and has an Indo-European culture.”

3 thoughts on “A Warning To The Philo-Semites

  1. Does amren like China? I must not be reading them that closely.

    What’s your impression of Amren? I imagine them as a news and jews outlet. They seem to be trying the respectable conservative route. Of course, I like JT and he is a great public speaker.

    • Jared Taylor is a useful and eloquent man. Well-voiced defences of racialism are always welcme. He’s also bridging the gap between “respectable” conservatism and more explicit ehtnonationalism. Whether that gap needs to be crossed is another issue. Unfortunately Amren’s comment section attracts plenty of “racists” who love any tribe with an average IQ above 100. Plenty o’ Asiaphiles, philo-Semites, and apologists for H1B Visa holders. While I can understand Amren’s moderation policy at timesit also censors genuine criticism from pro-Whites.

      • That is a tricky point with HBD, some non-Whites (supposedly) have higher IQs.
        “This is pure and simple rational self-interest and any other tribe in their position would do the same.”
        That is very true. Not just Jews are a threat to WNs, but many others, too. The Jewish power can easily be broken by declaring “Abortion is worse than the Holocaust, Jesus is a Jewish swine, in hell, he burns just fine!”

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