Arranged Marriages?

Over at the Nietzschean Dandy Center (Counter Currents) I argued in favor of arranged marriages as a solution to White atomization. A compromise between our biocultural need for courtly love and the harsh realities of 21st century Amerikwa. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Arranged Marriages?

  1. Agree! Both men and women have sky high expectations for marraige. Feminism has poisoned us both – the women turned butch, the men turned femme. An artificial system must be put into place to restore the natural order in an organized fashion.

    Marriage ought to be “normal” and assumed. Today it is freakish, where homosexuality was 50 years ago. We are entering a time when “happiness” shall not be the highest value.

    I was just reading a story about divorce in retirees. Imagine finding yourself at 80 years old!

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