A Good Manifesto for Novices?

Michael O’Meara’s Toward The White Republic was a refreshingly concise and insightful manifesto. As someone versed in White Nationalism it was a pleasant read. But I couldn’t help thinking: “Who will this inspire that isn’t already inspired?” So, which manifesto would you recommend giving to a potential White Nationalist?

7 thoughts on “A Good Manifesto for Novices?

  1. A manifesto would need to be fairly audience specific or extremely comprehensive to reach all possible audiences without also alienating targeted audiences.

  2. Freedom Cobra? Is that you?

    My inspiration was The Turner Diaries. I found that to be the best introduction to WN.

    • Yes it is Ryu.

      I’m torn on giving Pierce’s novel to friends. On the one hand his “Day Of The Rope” might scare folks off. On the other hand, what good WN wouldn’t mind it? A dilemma that seemingly won’t resolve itself for me.

      • Well, I began as a survivalist, so TTD was almost like required reading.

        Maybe Harold Covington? A Distant Thunder? It is free online, and it’s a very gentle introduction to WN. Plus its got a jazzy story, which is much preferable to reading a boring and dry report.

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