A fine compendium by César Tort.

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product_thumbnail The present collection of my miscellaneous writings is so diverse that I decided simply to order it by size. The first article, “The Return of Quetzalcoatl” is actually a translation from Spanish of a long chapter within Hojas Susurrantes , a translation which comprises more than half of the present book. The rest, much shorter articles also ordered by size, are edited versions of original texts that I authored and that originally appeared in the blogsite The West’s Darkest Hour . I am not including the dates of the original drafts because the editing process, sometimes after years of writing them, moved me to modify the ideological content of some articles. For all practical purposes the publishing date of most articles is 2014. The exception of course is my Quetzalcoatl , a study on child abuse that I finished in 2007, a few years before I became familiar with the…

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Happy Racism

The path to becoming a Happy Racist is long, hard, fraught with danger, and packed with clichés. I spent seven years wandering the wastes in order to reach this state. It’s not an achievement, mind you, but a mood (albeit a persistent one). Some guys become frothing  haters defined only by the objects of their rage and are transmogrified into counterproductive caricatures. Others are absorbed into conservatism after failed missions to racialize “traditionalists” of varying stripes. Happy Racism will prevent you from being co-opted.

The path to Happy Racism is marked by perspective: namely, where you stand in relationship to White nationalism/advocacy/racialism/theology/etc. One must take it into the core of his being – it becomes an organ. It’s situated somewhere in the thoracic cavity, alongside the organ that produces Thumos. Happy Racism can be your calm little center if you let it. Enough teasing, let’s stop the grinnin’ and drop the linen. I’ll define it for you.

First, mood music:

Hallmarks of the Happy Racist:

  • Perspective: accept it, society doesn’t belong to you. You belong nowhere and every extant institution is your committed enemy.
  • A Line In The Sand: you lack one. You have nothing to defend, only a society to break into. Defense wears a man down. You’re a roving dissident.
  • History: you’re on the right side, even if you lose. Blood determines all. Blood created the environment that shapes the blood. Our very existence belies the severity of these facts.
  • Attitude: the rotting megalopolis isn’t a tomb  – it’s your playground.
  • Fanaticism: let it burn low and slow. You’re a smoldering ember whose ideas seep out into the world. Throwing fireballs everywhere is a premature ejaculation.
  • Happiness: is psychological observation. Learn what makes them, and you, tick. Smile at the flaws of man and you’ll become a better man.
  • Labels: who needs them? You’re a flake, owing no loyalty to any -ism outside of revolutionary WN.




Why I am not a neonazi



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The following are some of the last pages of my forthcoming book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. I will include a PDF of the whole book in my next blog entry.

V irtually all white males have been feminized. This is due to the fact that they, including white nationalists, are reluctant to repudiate every single conquest of feminism—starting not only with allowing women to vote (we have seen that democracy is the worst kind of political system) but even with their “right” to inherit wealth or property. The humiliating empowerment of white women throughout the West is directly proportionate with the cretinization of white males. However, now that I reproduced my translations of a book about the prime example of polar Yang in our history, Sparta, I would like to qualify that what we need is Aristotle’s proverbial golden mean. Sparta produced the best soldiers in world history…

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Meme-ing Neoreaction


The Iron Gardner’s seed bag has arrived. Plant them wherever you tread.

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This is another post following the trend that Bryce and I have been bringing to the table, namely discussing how it is we can surgically implant the very pragmatic, yet abstract points of neoreaction into doctrinaire libertarians.

So, we’ve been working on memes. You can see some of the initial work over at Bryce’s blog, Anarcho-Papist. In particular, I’ve recently just had the chance to battle it out with principled libertarians for the past few days–in seminar format and otherwise–and I’ve had great success pushing elitism and hierarchy, as well as some race realism and paternalism.

Social theorists who want to make human nature a feature, not a bug, in the system.

I modified this to: “Human nature is a feature, not a bug, and if you find yourself filing bug reports, you need to reconstruct your ideology.”

Here are some others I’ve come up with. This post is…

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Cop spends two years and thousands of man hours to catch someone who scrawled graffiti


Bleeding the beast with a sharpie.

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Stevens is charged with felony criminal mischief, accused of using permanent marker to write hate messages on the home of the Ngendahayos and those of three other African refugee families. The arrest came after an exhaustive two-year investigation in which Det. Wade Brown examined the handwriting on thousands of police files to find a distinctive “b” that looked like the number 6.

I wonder if Detective Brown will win the ADL Torch of Freedom award or the SPLC Civil Rights award for this.

Two years of analyzing THOUSANDS of man hours of government documents! For graffiti!

They have a totally circumstantial case. Tattoo man probably knows the 5 words and will make the prosecution prove it’s case before a jury of his peers, some of whom may also not be happy about New Hampshire getting refugees.

Blacks KILL whites. No big deal. Whites write graffiti and Sherlock Holmes spends two…

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Apocalypse No


The end was yesterday, welcome to the beginning.

Originally posted on Hipster Racist:

Why I’m not a doomer:

The narcissism of youth means you can’t see (as I couldn’t) that the “coming apocalypse” is you getting old in a stumbling, messy world where the greedy win – which appears to be unstable, but, however, is far more stable than you, you yourself and your tiny, evaporating bag-of-water body.

The real coming apocalypse is you getting, irrelevant, and unwanted.

Nothing else ever changes.

Another version of the same principle: the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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